Ralph Smith's name appears on the Hingham, Mass, records in 1937, when he drew a house-lot on Bachelor Street at or near "Pear Tree Hill." The record of Ralph Smith's marriage has not been found, and the name of his first wife and mother of his children is not known for sure. The baptisms of four of his children born at Hingham, Mass, are recorded there. As late as September 22, 1652, he is spoken of in the probate records of Suffolk County, Mass, as Ralph Smith of Hingham. He removed to Eastham, Mass, about 1653, was listed as a legal voter in Eastham, May 22, 1655, took the "oath of fidelity" October 25, 1657, and was chosen constable of that town in 1660 and appointed to superintend the cutting up of drift whales.

Ralph's first wife is said to be Elizabeth Hobart who died sometime after Deborah was born in Eastham on March 8, 1654, but no further record of Deborah is known today. Ralph Smith then married, Grace Hatch, widow of Thomas Hatch. The following "Court Order" indicates the Ralph died before it's date. The Court Order reads, "October 27, 1685, adninistration is granted by this court to Grace Smith, relict of Ralph Smith and Samuel Smith, son of said Ralph Smith, all of the town of Eastham, in the colony of New Plymouth in New England, deceased, on all goods and chattels of Ralph Smith. (Plymouth Colony Records). Unkown to most Smith descendents is a small booklet called Grace's Legacy. It was written by the town minister at her bedside just before she died, and is considered American Folkore today. She speaks to the children she raised of how to live their lives in harmony with a number of quotations from the bible, it was then published.

Ralph's children were:-

An unnamed male child is said to have been Ralph's died at birth Febuary 15, 1640.

John Smith

Samuel Smith

Daniel Smith
Thomas Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Deborah Smith
Born 1651 probably Eastham, Died 1720 probably Eastham
Born in Hingham July 11, 1641
Born in Hingham July 7, 1644
Born in Hingham March 21, 1646
Born in Hingham September 1648


Born in Eastham March 8, 1654