THOMAS' SMITH (Ralph 1), of Eastham, Mass., was probably born in Hingham, Mass., about 1649 to1653. He married Mary-------about 1681. The births of their children are recorded in the Eastham Records and shown in the "Mayflower Descendant," IV., 141, where the record of her death is given as fol lows: "Mary Smith Widdow and relict of Thomas Smith Dyed on the 22nd day of March anno domini 1726-7." The record of inhabitants of Eastham, Mass., who had been admitted before 1675, gives the name of Thomas Smith and that of his brother, Samuel Smith. (N. E. Reg. VI. 41.) In 1691, Thomas Smith and Joseph Snow were appointed a committee to take charge of the Com mons (Hist. Eastham, page 48). In 1693-1695, Thomas Smith was Representative to the General Court at Boston, Mass. (Hist. Eastham, page 103.) The date of his death is shown by the following will to be between May 10, 1720, and October 18, 1720.

The Town Records, Eastham, Mass., Book 13, Page 199,. have the following:
"Whereas, Thomas Smith, has made complaint that the bounds of his lands lying on the southeasterly side of' the Town Cove upon `Pocha' that was formerly his father's, Ralph Smith, are gone to decay, and some of them lost, we, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being appointed by the town, to settle the bounds of lands that may be in controversy, having viewed sd lands, do settle the bounds thereof as follows, viz; Beginning at the N. E.. corner at a rock near the bank marked T. S. from there ranging about 40 poles southerly up into the woods to another rock marked T. S. from there ranging about 48 poles westerly to a stone set in the ground marked T. S. from there ranging to the bank by the cove side to a pine tree, marked, and so along by the bank easterly to the first bound mark."
Dated March 22, 1694.
(Signed) Jonathan Sparrow, Samuel Freeman, Thomas Paine, Jr. (N. E. Reg. XXVI, 438.)

Ralph Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., October 23, 1682, where he married, October 23, 1712, Mary Mayo, daughter of Samuel. He was Selectman at East­ham, 1736 (May. Des. IV. 210).
iRebecca Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., March 31, 1685; married Theophilus Mayo, August 16, 1705, in Eastham.
Thomas Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., January 29, 1687-8. He was married by "Mr. Samuel Treat, Esq.," to Joanna Mayo on November 3, 1709, and died September 20, 1745. She died March 24, 1763. He settled in Truro, Mass.
David Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., in March, 1691.
Jonathan Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., July 5, 1693.
Isaac Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., June 3, 1695; died there, April 26, 1704.
Jesse Smith, born in Eastham, Mass., January 31, 1703-4.

The above data is from the Jesse Smith Ancestry book 1909 by L. Bertrand Smith.


Thomas Smith