Elizabeth Smith was born September 1648 in Hingham, and died January 8, 1733. She married Lieut. Jabez Snow, born 1642, died Decenber 27, 1690. They were married September 1670 in Eastham, Mass., Jabez's father (Nicholas) was a large land owner in Eastham, Harwich, and Truro. Jabez inherited the family homestead in Eastham. "He served on the grand jury June 1, 1680, on which day he was made a freeman, and took the oath of fidelity. On June 5, 1690, he was chosen one of the lieutenants for the expedition to Canada under Sir William Phips."

Thier children are:-

Jabez Snow, born July 1670, died 1750, Married Elizabeth Treat.

Edward Snow, born March 26, 1672, Married Sarah Freeman.

Sarah Snow, born Febuary 16, 1673

Grace Snow, born Febuary 1, 1675, died about 1695, married Sanuel Hedge (1), George Lewis (2)

Rachael Snow, born 1685, Eastham, died March 22, 1765, Eastham. Married Thomas Huckins.

Thomas Snow, born 1690, died 1697

Elizabeth Snow, born 1692 Eastham, died 1695, Married Edward Kenrick.

Deborah Snow, born 1678 Eastham, married Stephem Merrick.

Mercy Snow, died around 1725, married John Witherill 25 JUL 1675

A much more detailed genealogy can be found at Lonnie Chrisman's website, including a number of lines from Elizabeth Smith. Lonnie say's this address may change and you might have to go to his main page and search for it if it does. FS

Elizabeth Smith