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Published 1992 by Ralph S. Blois,  Salem, OR. This book is in the download section.

NOTE: Some these books are hosted on this site in our download page (digitally searchable) while others are linked to Google and other web archives. When you go to the Google download page you can search the book digitally online, but when you download it, it becomes an image file you can read, but not digitally search.

Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy - First Families of America (1925)
Captain Jabez Snow and Some of His Descendants by Stanley Corey (1979)
Charles & Rachel Amy Birgant  by Tenney Smith (1938) Best book on Ralph's son Charles
Descendants of David Smith by Minard Eugene Eaton Smith (1984)
Descendants of Deacon John Doane - 4th Edition (1984)
The Doane Family - 3rd Edition (1976) By Alfred Alder Doane (1902) Google
Facts & fancies of Family History by Elizabeth Eunice Smith Marcy (1911)
The Family of Nora Ellen Smith by Elmer Davis (unpublished manuscript circa 1990
The Family of Samuel Smith of Riddle Haddan Con by E C Smith (1952)
A Genealogy of the Family of Deacon Smith Baker by Smith Baker (1874)
Genealogical Record of Wellington Smith & Family by Smith Baker (1899)
Genealogy of the Treat Family by John Harvey Treat (1893)    '
History of Barrington Township by Edwin Crowell (1923)
History of Brooklyn. Queens County by Lucius Dexter (unknown date)
Jesse Smith, his Ancestors & Descendants by L. Bertrand Smith (1909) Ralph's son Thomas
The Kenney Family Tree by Capt., R Y Kenney (1973)
The Kenney Genealogy by Alfred A. Doane (no date - early 1900's)
Land of My Fathers Vol. 1 (1962)
Mayflower Descendants (several volumes much repeated from NEH&GR)
Nickerson Biography & Genealogy (no author or date - found in PANS)
Planters & Pioneers of Nova Scotia 1749-1775 by Esther Clark Wright  (Rev. 1982)
Ralph Smith & his Descendants by Dr. Dwight Smith {1913)
Ralph Smith of Hingham by Thomas Smith. NEH&GR Vol. 26 (1872).
A Short Sketch of Isaac Smith & Hannah by E. S. Smith (1916)
 “Smith” mss by Robert L Smith (1979) found in PANS
Smith's genealogy by Wellington Smith (late 1800's)
The Smiths of Cape Breton by Pearly Watts Smith (1967 Rev. 1985)    
Some Descendants of Nicholas & Constance Snow of Plymouth, Mass - Minnie D. -VanValin (1939)
Stephen Hopkins by John D Austin (pub. 1992 - Mayflower Society)
The Story of My Branch of the Descendants of Ralph Smith by Ruth N Freeman (1975)
T.B. Smith Genealogies (unpublished - 1955) available in PANS
Unpublished manuscript by Arthur Smith (Berwick, NS) 68 pg. (circa 1990)

Assorted Genealogical, Historical and scientific data some of which can be downloaded from Google and other web archives.

Ralph Smith Descendents through six generations by Charles P. Smith

History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts (1893) By the Town Google

Eldredge Genealogy (Yarmouth) By Zoeth Skinner Eldredge (1897) Google       

Population, Family, and Society in Hingham, Massachusetts by Dr. Daniel Scott Smith 1635-1880 Doctorial Manuscript, USC Berkeley 1973

Child-Naming Patterns, and Family Change: Hingham, Massachusetts 1640-1880 by Dr. Daniel Scott Smith January 1977

Eastham, Wellfleet, and Orleans, County of Barnstable, Mass. From 1644 to 1844. By Rev. Enoch Pratt, of Brewster. 1844

Stratford-Upon-Avon Inventories (in two books) 1538-1699 edited by Jeanne Jones, The Dugdale Society in association with The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust 2002

History of the Town of Hingham, Plymouth County, Mass. By Solomon Lincoln Jr. 1827 Google

Address delivered before the Citizens of the Town of Hingham, 28th of Sept, 1835 on the Two Hundreth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town. By Solomon Lincoln. Google

A History of Billingsgate By Durand Echeverria. The Wellfleet Historical Society 1993

Smiths of Tyre (New York). By E. Payson Smith (limited Edition) 1979 with pedigree to Ralph

The Smith Family (fourteenth century downwards with pedigrees) by Compton Reade, M.A. published in 1904 (note for Hingham Smiths) Google

The Heraldry of Smith : A Booke of Armes : A Booke of Ye Armes of Most Houses of Smithes in England and Germanie  London, John Russell Smith. 1978 (1870 first edition)

"The Heraldry of Smith in Scotland" published by the same publishing house in 1873 32page pamphlet supplement.

Capt. Elizur Yale Smith, Vital Records of Sandisfield, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 & Sandisfield Revolutionary Soldiers (Rutland, VT: Tuttle Publishing Company, 1936)

Capt. Elizur Yale Smith, Gravestone Inscriptions of Sandisfield, Massachusetts 1750-1916

Capt. Elizur Yale Smith, Church Records of Sandisfield, Massachusetts 1939

The book of Smith by Elsdon C. Smith 1978 (entertaining facts and folklore on Smith)

Hingham By Daughters of the American Revolution 1911. Old Colony Chapter (Hingham, Mass.)., Google

The Ancient Nawsett of Plymouth Colony, Now Eastham, Wellfleet, Orleans By Edward Leodore Smith

Sandisfield Massachusetts, a history published 1829

A History of the County of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (1876) By John Roy Campbell Google 

Richard Higgins, a Resident and Pioneer Settler at Plymouth and Eastham .. By Mrs. Katharine Elizabeth Chapin Higgins (1918)  Google 

Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England By New Plymouth Colony, Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtleff, Massachusetts    Google   

 The Norfolk garland: a collection of the superstitious beliefs and practices, proverbs, curious customs, ballads and songs, of the people of Norfolk, as well as anecdotes illustrative of the genius or peculiarities of Norfolk celebrities   This deals with old Norfolk England which Hingham is a part of. Its amusing, and historical.

Cape Cod Shore Whaling: America's First Whalemen. Authors : John Braginton-Smith, Duncan Oliver
This book has actual Ralph Smith history in it. 2008. You can find it on ebay cheap



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