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Here you will find rare genealogical texts that are almost impossible to obtain hard copies of. At least until now. These books are mostly dated or old and may contain errors, but are considered valuable reference material for genealogical study.

The first is by Charles P. Smith who is in good health and preparing yet another revision to his decades long study of the descendents of Ralph Smith of Hingham and Eastham. It is an amazing study that is the most current of the many works that have been produced. It is not the most current revision, which I only have a hard copy of. Other rare books on our Smith genealogy will be posted as my time and expense allows. C.P.Smith's book continues a tradition of family historians such as Dr. Dwight Smith, Captain Elizur Yale Smith, and R. S. Blois, L. Bertrand Smith (to name a few) who have generously given their time and research to all there cousins.


Ralph S. Blois wrote the most extensive compilation of Ralph Smith ancestry that I have ever seen. I have been trying to get it digitized for rapid easy searches for years, and I have finally done it. It is 694 pages including the index. The file size was 400mb, but I have managed to get it down to 122mb. This is filled with great stories, but most of it is cataloged in a special indexing that you are going to have to study to understand who, what, and where everybody is connected to each other.(page 9)

Ralph worked hard on this and when it was done he stated that it is not copyrighted so all family members can use it in any manner they desire. (see page 4) and of course he still wishes to be credited as the source.

Ralph's work is a gift that I am grateful to have, and now I am passing it on to you. FS

Note: this is a big file at 122mb and may take a while to download


Dr. Dwight Smith was once reffered too as a son of Sandisfield by Captain Elizur Yale Smith. His book is considered a major genealogical resource, and was used extensively by both Ralph S. Blois. and Charles P. Smith in the preparation of their books. It is of particular interest to me because it details my line of descent from Mayflower Pilgrims Thomas Rogers, and Stephen Hopkins.




Ruth Freeman wrote a book that is an excellent family history, and genealogy. As with many genealogy books over time it has a few details that have been overturned by more recent study. The four Smiths in Hingham Mass were not brothers (DNA confirmed) and the reference to Ralph's father being John Smythe of Straford-on-Avon has no source material and is still being studied along with other lines of research regarding his parents. I have edited the text for the later generations by removing birth dates, and have some corrections that where sent in by her husband making this copy the most up to date. FS

Captain Elizur Yale Smith took over where Dr. Dwight Smith left off in compiling the following publication which is already on the net. He was preparing a couple other books that I am still trying to get copies of .



Thomas Smith (2) Ralph (1), is well documented in the Jesse Smith book by L. Bertrand Smith 1909. It features the coat of arms used on the first page of this website. There is another slightly different coat of arms that has been historically documented that has the arm upraised griping a broken lance instead of the scimeter. There are many Smith family coat of arms throughout English history.



For a number of years now I have been trying to obtain Gravestone Inscriptions of Sandisfield by Capt. Elizur Yale Smith, but there where only two manuscripts that I knew of, both in New York. I mentioned it to cousin Nancy Holder and she not only manage too get a copy, but she converted it into a searchable PDF. We both would like to thank The New York Public Library for the coutesy of letting us copy and put it on this website. Of the three manuscripts by Elizur, I have only been able to find two. Church Records of Sandisfield Mass., compiled and edited by Elizur in 1939 is so far missing, but I hope to one day find it.




Here is an interesting book with a chapter that gives a detailed overview of the town. Lot Smith is mentioned as the first child born there, but the date is wrong for his berth. He was a soldier of the Revolution. His parents where Benjamin4 and Ruth (Snow) Smith (James,3 Daniel,2 Ralph1), b. Feb. 29, 1756, at Sandisfield. His wife’s name was Ruth and they had five children.

The book also mentions on the last page DR. AMOS SMITH, son of Solomon(4)and Susanna (Snow) Smith, b. Oct. 23, 1747 (James,3 Daniel,2 Ralph1) He was a Doctor for the town, and for the Revolution.

Records show (Dwight Smith Book) that the brothers Solomon and Benjamin Smith purchased land in what was later called Sandisfield, in 1751. We also know that there where three more brothers Joshua, Levi, and Phineas Smith who moved to Sandisfield with their families. A sixth brother James Smith disappeared on a trip to New York. It is interesting to point out that four of these six Smith brothers married three Snow sisters and a Snow cousin. Note; This book was published almost eighty years after the founding of the town, and some of the early dates are not correct, but it does show many interesting highlights of Sandisfield. I use both the vital records as well as the town records to date events.



Plymouth Colony started to outgrow its farm production in the mid 1600's and was considering moving to Cape Cod (first called Nawsett) but after further study they realized that the Cape wasn't big enough for it's population. A few colony members asked to go there anyway, and permission was granted. They named their town Eastham, and became a farming community supplying Plymouth. Here is an interesting compiling of who, where, and when these colonists are noted historically by Edward Leodore Smith.


Here is a book that has been "the foundation for most of the history and genealogy of the  ancestors of the original settlers who moved from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia in 1760 (Thomas Smith) " I have it in two sizes and they are both digitally searchable. The smaller one has been edited by Thomas Smith and is only one meg, Here is the link The big one is 53 megs and has the original views of the book with pictures, charts, and lists.


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