The annual reports date back to 1937 (the first meeting was 1934) where they reflected an age vastly different from what we know today. I have nearly all the reports, and I will be posting segments of them as time permits. In order to protect the privacy of the early members I have edited addresses with only the city state or country as a reference to the geographical expanse of the association. These are in PDF format. FS

1938 report 825 kb PDF

1939 report 415kb PDF

1940 report 448kb PDF

1941 report 556kb PDF

1950 report 980kb PDF

1962 report 1.4MB PDF

1964 report 556kb PDF

1971 report 1.3MB PDF

1985 report 742kb PDF

50th Anniversary 1986 report 1.09MB PDF

1987 report 1.2MB PDF

2008 reunion report