The 2008 Smith reunion was held in Plymouth,

on Sunday September 7 Just after the Stephen Hopkins meeting from 12:00 to 3:00 at Mamma Mia's.

It was a small get together of mostly genealogists

including Charles P. Smith, Nancy Holder, a few cousins and myself. We had a lot of data to go over, and the pizza was great.

Previous to this We had attended the Thomas Rogers meeting, the Heritage Hopkins meeting, the Nickerson meeting on Cape Cod, and the Mayflower General Congress.

Charles is working on revising his book which is recieving a lot of attention on the internet. Nancy is working on possible relations between Ralph and some of those that voyaged on the Elizabeth Bonaventure. I am working on Sandisfield, the history of the Elizabeth Bonaventure, and expanding the website which now has two locations including it's own domain at

A more formal meeting is being planned for the future. We are currently looking for volunteers for various positions.

For input or comments contact

Franklin at