DNA Confirmed (updated)

We now have six matches from family genealogists living in Canada, New Hamshire, Massachusetts, and California. Two are descended from Ralph's son Samuel (seperate lines), Three are descended from Thomas, and I am descended from Daniel. We have four other matches from individuals who are still learning their ancestry, and were unaware of their descent from Ralph. Two of those are on another DNA page called Worldwide Smith DNA Project. Our matches are on the Northeastern Smiths DNA Project at;

We are listed as group eight, and have a link to this website. While we are looking for more matches, especially from the descendents of John Smith, the six matches we do have is solid proof that Ralph Smith's DNA is now a matter of record. Contact me if you would like to join.


Note; On my Family Tree Y-DNA page results, my matches are divided up into groups based on the number of Y-DNA markers and the genetic distance of the matches. For example at 25 markers I have no exact match, but at a distance of one marker all my Smith cousins are listed. This accounts for individual variance going back 400 years to Ralph, then there is another group of 25 markers with a distance of 2. There are 13 matches in this group and none of them are Smiths, but according to FTDNA there is a 91% chance we have the same ancestor at the 24th generation. I am the 12th generation from Ralph which means I am related to these men going back around 800 years.

These 13 matches are like a road map through time. As more matches are recorded we might come across genealogical histories that will extend our knowledge of the migrational path of our ancestors. We already have a couple Smith matches that could possibly go beyond Ralph, but more recent in time than all the way out to 800 years.

Note 2; If you are starting out, I would suggest the 67 Marker kit because it will help determine which of Ralph's sons you are descended from. FS

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