(Who was supposedly the father of Ralph Smith, the Emigrant to New England in 1633)
From a: collection of papers of the late Francis Edgar Smith.
John Smithe of Stretford upon Avon in the County of Warwick (Vinter), November 5th in the 43rd yr. of Elizabeth. Proved July 4th, 1603.To wife Margaret the use of the Chamber over the Parlour called the New Chamber, all the rest of the house to Raphe Smithe, my son, to his use, provided­
he use himself well and kindly to his mother. After her death, all of it to him, provided he give to mv daughter, Helena Herson, ten pounds in one year after his entrance, or do assure unto her my garden around in Henbury Street with the timber thereon : for want of heirs male of his body, next to Hamlette Smithe and to the heirs male of his body. To John Smithe, my son, the lease of Hare's house and of my ground in the Bridgetown. To my ­daughter Elizabeth Smithe the lease of my house in Sheepe Street. To my daughter of Anne Smithe ten pounds. To my brother Hamlet Sadler my gown and iny black doublet and my hat lined with velvet. To the two sons of my daughter Elizabeth forty shil­lings to bind them apprentice.
Remainder to Margaret my wife whom I make executrix and I desire the Right Worshipful Sir Edward Greevil, my brother Francis Smithe and my loving friend Peter Ruswell to be. overseers. To my brother Richard Walker, my medley jer­kin and my medley breeches. To Hamlet. Smith, my son, ten pounds.
(Signed) John Smithe

Richard Byfield, Ffrancis Smithe, Hamnet Sadler (Bolein Mss. 64)

note of John Smithe, brother of Ralph.
John Smithe, a freeman 1647 , married May, 1645 Sarah Woodward, daughter of Ralph woodward, was Lieut. 1661, Representative 1683 and after until chosen Assistant in which he continued to serve until the new Charter, and died May, 1694. Issue :-Mary born July 19, 1646; d. young: Sarah, b. (twin) m. James Stevens : Henry. b. Ma. 26, 1647/8.; d. 1678.; Judith, b. Feb. 23, 1650/1; m. Samuel. Mason: John, b. 1653: Ralplh, b. 1661: 'Mary, b. 1665; d. 1672.

The above is from the 1947 Report of the Association of Descendants of Ralph Smith of Hingham and Eastham Mass. I have researched this connection, and have to agree with Blois that while it is a possibility, there is no strong evidence or notes from past researchers to solidly lay claim to a link to this Ralph. There is more information on these Smyths as follows; Smyth PDF and a few very interesting web pages. The Smith/Smyths of Stratford-on-Avon and Smyth index also John Smyth . All this means is that further evidence is needed, but the Smith DNA research I started years ago(Smiths DNA Project) as a paternal descendent of Ralph is just beginning to bear results, and it will lead us all to our ancestry from that period 400 years ago to knowledge of our path in the course of human migration........................... For comments or data submissions contact FS... info@lacolony.org




The Will of, John Smithe